Doing Stuff

From fixing boots to “A Bloke Could Do It” recipies for great food and preserves. This is the sort of content I intend to use this page for.

Over the years I’ve come to realise that there’s many people, all sorts of people, clever people, people with high-powered jobs, people with no job at all (and so on) who don’t know how to do stuff.

For example a short while ago I repaired one of my work boots that the sole had fallen off of. I mentioned it at work and a colleague asked how I was doing it as he had no idea at all. He just couldn’t do things with his hands. After I explained how to do it he was surprised it was so easy. He just didn’t know how.

Some years ago I couldn’t cook. That wasn’t my role!! No way!! I didn’t do that sort of stuff!! That was for women to do!!

What a load of cobblers!!


One Saturday afternoon a mate came over. We were having a beer together and he mentioned that he was cooking Chinese at home that night. Just for him and his wife. That got my interest going and the result was that they were going to come for tea the following Saturday and he was going to show me how to do it.

Well that happened and it was a great success. I didn’t realise how easy it was!! From that Saturday night all those years ago I can now cook. I don’t really do fancy stuff, I’m not into fancy, just good basic food from roasts to cakes to salads, sausage rolls, crumbles and so on. Oh, and yes, basic Chinese stuff too….

Believe me…. It’s not hard and hopefully I’ll show you that here when I post recipies and things that I’m doing – with all the easy instructions.

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