House Front Garden

The garden at the front of the house has always been an eyesore with rock lined paths, old overgrown pine-bark, rose bushes and other shrubs.

The front garden area looking from the veranda at the front of the house.

Terrissa, my partner started the ball rolling by starting to move all of the rocks that lined the paths and by about the middle of the day these had all been removed to the top of the first tier opposite to make a bed there.

You can just see the rocks in their new place at the top of the first tier.

The next job was to cut down a couple of the wattle trees nearby and burn all of the old foilage. We placed the bonfire over one of the old stumps to help burn it away.

The trunks were cut into logs and put into the old chicken shed to dry out for next winter’s fire.

Bonfire burning the old foilage on one of the old stumps. 

Before starting the bonfire we looked at the Tasmania Fire Service web site ( to check on any fire restrictions. There were none at the time. It took a couple of days to burn the foilage and we did this on the largest of the stumps. This was still slowly smouldering slightly 4 days later.

A couple of days later a friend and work colleague, Dan, came up to help and he pulled the stumps out with his 4wd. Saved me a lot of digging!

Pulling out the biggest of the stumps. On the overall scale of things it wasn’t that big but it took several attempts.

Dan and his “trophy”

Once this was all done all that I need to dig out the smaller rose bushes that are going to be relocated, remove the white stones used for the paths and then rotary hoe it all.

Nearly ready for rotary hoeing.