Making The Veggie Garden

I had to start the veggie garden from scratch and below are the beginnings of it. The timber on a local road bridge was being replaced and a carton of bourbon and coke somehow helped to get 3 truck-loads of the timber delivered to my back yard at the time.

These became the basis of the raised beds below.

After the beds were laid out (above) I filled them with layers of composted leaves, horse manure, coffee grounds and pond weed with a layer of loam bought from a local garden center on top.

I left each bed for about a month and then dug it over by hand. At first there wasn’t a worm to be seen anywhere but now (about a year on) that situation has completely changed. The soil, and all the material in it has composted down and there are now worms all through it.


Viewed from the other side you can get a better idea of the beds. The number of these has now been increased to 6. The posts on the right at the top of the photo have since been used as fence posts to enclose the garden.

Looking from another angle (above) down towards the front gate. All of the 6 beds have been laid out and 4 have been filled. The white bags contain raked up fallen leaves from a local garden ready to become part of the compost.

At the top right-hand side of this image are a number of old telegraph poles delivered there by the local electricity company. This was arranged by a friend and I am seriously in debt to her.

As I was working on the vegetable beds I decided to have a break from this and get the espelier poles in. These are some of the poles in the distance in the photograph above this one and at the time of making this page they have been planted with apple trees.

The poles are really heavy and it was interesting to say the least getting them up. I dug the holes just over 900 mm deep and hit a large rock on each one!

The big wooden cotton reel thing to the left of centre in the photo is going to be the stand for the garden water tank.

The veggie garden water tank on it’s cotton reel on a bed of bricks. The tank is connected to the tank next to the windmill and fills from that. At the moment the fill is controlled manually but eventually this will be automatic.

From the other side of the drive. The whole garden is starting to take shape. Still lots to do yet though.

All of the beds have been laid out and the raised beds mulched. You can see the shadows of the espellier poles on the left-hand side. I was so lucky with the mulch as my partner saw some tree lopping being done near her house. She went and spoke with them and somehow 3 truckloads ended up in her driveway… free! Can’t do better than that!

I rotary hoed the patch of earth at the back to plant potatoes. I hired a rotary hoe to do it but have since bought one.

This is the result for the first season. In the foreground are chives, tomatoes and beans and then garlic and potatoes. Over the back next to the water tank is the large patch of spuds. Quite a way to go yet though…..

Moving along quite a bit…. In the photo above, to the right there is a bed that has been mulched. We’ve put a few ornamental type plants in there along with some silver birches. The row of pots in the centre is the start of the fenced hedge around the vegetable garden. This is my very first attempt at fencing. To the left is the espelliered area.

This (above) is the same area as the previous photo but looking more to the front gate. In the distance you can see some of the trees I’ve planted. (Chestnut, American Oak, Handkerchief Tree and a Bay Tree) Some of the plants in the bed include Lupins, a Salvia (can’t remember which one), Comfrey, Hollyhocks, a beautiful black spotted Tiger Lily and various others.

Fencing in the veggie garden (above) using more of the telegraph poles and fencing wire I bought at a garage sale. This should keep the rabbits and wallabies out. I’ve then put the finer wire over the top of that and this was buried about 5 inches in the ground to stop rabbits digging under. In the background can be seen the wooden fence I’ve built next to the drive.

I’ve just started to dig the ditch for burying the wire. I suppose the logical thing to do here was not use the fencing wire at all and just use the finer wire instead. I’m going to plant propagated hedge plants all around the fence.

Over on the other side, next to the drive I’ve built a wooden fence using the vertical weatherboards taken off the house when I had that clad in colourbond. The property experiences a fair amount of wind and the idea is that the fence will help protect the garden from the wind. The gap at the right-hand side of the photo is where I’m going to build the garden shed.