Animals Around the Place

I thought with this page I’d show some of the animals and birds that I’ve seen. There’s lots and lots of different types of birds and gradually I’ll try and photograph them bit by bit.

There’s a pair of kookaburras that visit from time to time and one Saturday afternoon one was on the gatepost to the the veggie garden. He (or she) sat there for ages..

He sat there for ages looking at the ground. I think he was after worms.


 He flew to the ground, ate a worm or bug and then flew back up to the gate.

A short time later he flew off.

I nearly got the blue tongued lizard (below) with the brush cutter. I think he lives in one particular area by the road as I saw one in exactly the same spot last year. I picked him up to check him out, took a couple of pics and then put him down again. A couple of years ago we found one at the other end of the property that made no attempt to hide from us. Just stayed there on the ground. We checked him out and found that he had 3 ticks well and truly embedded in his body. We removed them (not without difficulty) and let him go again. This is why I always check them now.

He kept flicking his tongue out and I took lots of pics trying to catch it as it is bright blue (hence the name). I just couldn’t get it though . I didn’t want to hold him for too long so I gave up and let him go.

Once I’d set him down he took off into the long grass pretty quickly.