The Land

I  bought the property just over a year ago and it was pretty much a mess.  Overgrown with weeds, piles of junk here and there. Old cars, bits of metal, kids toys, worn out irrigation pipe, old barbecues and the list goes on.

Above is the property about when I decided to purchase it. A very run down house, clad in vertical weatherboard at one end and horizontal fibrous weatherboard at the other, pay-as-you-go power and tank water that tasted definitely ‘off’. It all looks starved for water. I could see the potential though.

Most of the ground is usable but what really decided me to buy the place was the old convict-built water-race running through the land. Built around 170 years ago, water still flows through. Owned by a nearby estate, there is an easement on either side of the race but… I am able to use the water!

All of the project will be done as cheaply as possible using second-hand or recycled materials where possible. Many of the things I intend to do, I have no experience in, but most of a working lifetime spent in many different facets of engineering has prepared me for what lies ahead. I do have however, the complete renovation of a beautiful old heritage house under my belt. When I don’t know how to do something, I will seek advice – you may even be able to help me.

All of this area here (above), looking towards the front gate and next to the road, was infested with young and medium sized wattle trees. The grass was about 4 ft high here as well. I’ve taken down the old fence and that is rolled up in sections to the right of centre. The pile of wood (upper right) are old hydro poles cut into fence post lengths.

The front gate, looking up the driveway towards the house. The plan for here is a picket fence with an old 5-bar gate.

Cut and pasted from the previous photo this is looking down the drive towards the house. Taken just after I bought it: no trees planted and the vegetable garden hasn’t been started. The house still has the vertical weatherboards.