The Project

I invite you to follow my journey of renovation, restoration and eco-development of this property that has so much potential.

My aim..

To change the property from a run down eyesore with an unappealing  house to a place with attractive gardens, a productive food garden with excess product that can be sold at the gate, and a modern house that is comfortably livable and not hard on the eye.

Improve it.   Make it Work.   Make it Productive.

All at minimal cost!

When I started this site I had already done quite a few projects around the place and these will be illustrated around the website.

For about the first 10 months of owning the property I had a tenant live in the house and this enabled me to start on the grounds. I had  to buy a few expensive tools and this helped me pay for them. Things like a brush-cutter, chainsaw, ride-on mower…. and so on. 

The best part of my working life has been spent in engineering (I’m a fitter by trade) and early on I learnt the value of buying good tools so I bought only what I considered to be the best for what I needed. 

I bought a Honda 4-stroke brush-cutter ($800) and it just keeps going and going despite copping one hell of a flogging. My chainsaw is a Stihl ($650) and it starts from cold on the third pull every time. It too has done a lot of work.  To me this just proves my theory – spend the money and buy the best tools you can!

I wasn’t so lucky with the second-hand ride-on mower I bought though!

Many of the bits and pieces and materials I’ve used so far, I’ve picked up for next to nothing or for free. My partner and I regularly go to garage sales and not only is this a lot of fun it has save me an awful lot of money; paint, boxes of nuts and bolts, a ram pump (which requires no energy input apart from the inflow of water to work), old telegraph or hydro poles for fence posts, fencing wire, electrical wire, surveillance equipment, wind generator components, tools, used treated pine boards (which I’ll cut, shape and use for ornamental fence palings – and the list goes on!

I’ve also had a lot of help from friends and acquaintances once they’ve heard about what I’m doing and I thank each and every one of them. Some of the things I’ve done so far I just haven’t been able to do on my own. For example – pulling up my Southern Cross windmill, definitely a 2 to 3 man job! There were a few tense moments when that happened by the way!

One of the main problems I am encountering at this time is rabbits and wallabies and they are going to have to be dealt with. Towards the middle of last season I sewed a complete garden bed with carrots. They were growing nicely and had reached a couple of inches in height. Imagine my frustration on going to the veggie patch after a few days to find that the whole lot had been eaten! At the time of writing this I’m fencing in the veggie garden to keep them out. If that doesn’t work then more drastic measures will have to be taken!

Anyway, I hope you find this website interesting. I know that I’m really enjoying working on the property. I wish there were more hours in the day!

I’ve always wanted a property that I can develop and change into something that can be attractive, self sufficient, cheap to live in and in a lovely area.

At this time of starting this website, some projects have been completed and these include:-

– clearing most of the property of long grass, brambles and wattle trees.

– removing the junk.

– installing 2 small water tanks for storage of irrigation water.

– basic establishment of a veggie garden.

– on-line video surveillance and security system.

– re-routing the water collection pipework from the house roof to the domestic water storage tank.

– relocating the domestic water supply pump and pipework including repairing a major leak in the water tank.

– jacking up one corner of the house.

– re-cladding the house with colorbond (including all new aluminium windows and insulation.

– installing an old Southern Cross farm windmill to use for pumping irrigation water from the water race.

– fencing the veggie garden to keep out the local rabbit and wallaby population.

– painting 2 bedrooms and hallway in the house.


….and here are just some of the projects to come:-

– installation of solar and wind power with an outcome of minimal use of the grid.

– installation of a reciprocating pump to the Southern Cross windmill to raise water from the water race.

– installation of pipework to siphon and pump irrigation water around the whole property.

– complete renovation of the inside of the house.

– landscape and establish the gardens.

– establish the veggie garden and much much more.


I also want to establish a brand associated with the site and sell products such as seeds, plants, eggs, produce from the garden and workshop…and so on..

I hope this site interests you and you follow my efforts and even make comments or offer advice.