Follow us on our journey of renovation, restoration and eco development.

The 42 South Home Farm Eco Project

Follow us on our journey of renovation, restoration and eco development.

  • The Project

    Follow us as we renovate, landscape and develop this one-and -a-half acre property in Tasmania. Purchased in 2011 in a very run down state, almost completely overgrown with brambles, 6 foot grass and wattle trees, a run down house and junk everywhere. It's going to take a long time.
  • The Land

    The property is approximately one and a half acres in size, of which about just over half is directly usable. Set on the side of an escarpment facing the Plenty River the usable part is on the high ground with two tiers on the slope down to the river flats. The outlook is quite spectacular. The soil is excellent buy a bit rocky.
  • The House

    Built in the 1950's the house was originally a 2 room pickers hut clad with vertical weatherboards. Since then it has been extended twice. When I purchased it, it was clad, half in the vertical board and half in fibre-type weatherboard. It looked pretty scruffy - very run down on the inside as well. Renovators heaven!
  • The Area

    Set in the beautiful Derwent Valley area of Southern Tasmania and surrounded by farmland and orchards, it overlooks the famous Salmon Ponds at Plenty. Also nearby is the majestic old estate of Redlands where they are currently developing a local brand of whiskey.

"This'll keep you busy" - Real estate agent on the day I decided to buy the property.

  • One of the Projects

    In the summer the ground is very hard and dry and irrigation has been a problem. Water is available but it is at the bottom of the hill about 70 meters away. Up till now I've used a small 2-stroke pump but this uses a lot of fuel over time. I want to get the wind to do it for me and so I am installing a Southern Cross farm windmill to pump the water up to a tank and then siphon it all round the property.
  • Frustration……..

    I went there one day, before I'd taken possession of the property, to find that someone had stolen the domestic water pump! Trouble is, the idiots didn't close the valve on the water tank before they pulled the pump out.... ....a whole, full tank of domestic water... just wasted!